Rustic décor ideas to transform your room

Rustic décor ideas to renovate your bedroom

Rustic décor is a popular subject as everyone is talking about ways you can transform different rooms and make them rustic. You can buy the rustic bedroom furniture or make it yourself. Everyone is entitled to having a beautiful room, and rustic décor works towards achieving that goal. Everyone loves their bedroom as it is your personal space and you can freely express yourself by using different designs. Here are some great ideas for getting rustic décor for your bedroom.

You can get old pallets from warehouses, factories or stores and turn them into shelves. Old pallets make great shelves, and you can paint them any color you want.

You need a bedside table, and we recommend using tree chunks or stumps and having them stained to your color. It is a great idea, and you will not spend a lot getting these simple pieces of furniture. If you cannot cut a tree up, you can always go online and shop for rustic bedroom furniture. You have many options including getting wooden beds, wrought iron bed frames, vintage chests, and drawers.

After getting the furniture, you will need to light up your room. Chandeliers and lamps are the best for this job. You can make your chandelier or buy one. A chandelier is made by getting a tree branch and Christmas tree lights. Just hang the lights on the branch, and once you plug it in, you will have made your chandelier from a tree branch. One of the best bedroom additions when it comes to lighting is the Edison lamp. It has an Edison style filament that produces a lovely glow that is amber in color. The light can be used to set the mood in the bedroom creating the perfect ambiance.

You have everything set, and now you need to focus on wall décor. You can have the walls painted an earthy color as it goes well with rustic designs. Other than that, shades of gray go well with the theme, and it will compliment the new furniture you have. You can have bare wooden flooring and cover the area around the bed with bamboo mats or natural woven rugs. If you have old picture frames, make them into rustic frames instead of throwing them away. You can add a few complementary pieces like twigs near the dresser to get a rustic farm look.

All that is remaining is for you to invite people to see your transformed room and get inspired.