Rustic decor styling

Rustic- stimulated colors and themes make the home wares and cottage-style decorating more beautiful by providing the natural looks and makes the home decor attractive for the home holders. Every room is an applicant for a cottage design, following the same rustic theme for all the rooms. Even bathrooms have such a space where rustic themed home wares can be placed and designed according to the lodge style decor. If we add nature based tone and further cabin themed decorations, a bathroom can be created with pure, likely rustic glamour and trendy lodge request.

Themed Colors:

Nature stimulated color palette are mostly the trademark of lodge which are found in nature. Choose color tones for instance berry red, hunter green, stone gray, sage green or bark brown. All the four walls of the bedroom need to be painted in variety that repels mildew with the application of same light color paints, pasturing from soft green to light tan, it will make the room look bigger and spacious. Include darker color tones for decorations to provide the whole room a friendly and generous look and to provide as a rustic background for the consecutive layers of architecture. By adding rustic bedroom sets this can match the wall décor and furniture will blend in with the rest of the theme.


By adding rustic chandeliers lighting it can add more beauty to the lodge style bathroom decor by light fixture along rustic inspired themes. You can place wall sconces with wrought iron to keep on every corner of a bathroom mirror for a modish tone to the room. Pine- cone accents can be placed to add more beauty and chandelier on bathroom roof can be hanged to increase the height to the room. Put a mission-style, mica shade lamp on a feature table to make the space a squashy glow and draw attention towards the lodge glance of the area.


For rustic theme, wood floors would be use and it will look more stunning if distraught wood flooring will be use as it gives an architectural lodge look. Pick time-worn look for water-resistant finishes. The wood equipments, pasturing from oak to pine, are proper and suitable selections. Spread rug on the room floor with Native American layouts or wildlife patterns. Select rugs which are washable and comprise the types with slip-resistant help for better outcomes.


To give a rustic themed look we can add shower curtains of dark colors and pinecones, moose, canoes, fish to give the room lodge-inspired appearance. We can make the room glamorous by adding the rolled up towels in twig baskets for a glimpse of color and consistency to the area, co-ordination towels can be included as well.

Wall Decor

We can add vintage portraits and wildlife postcards in windswept, wooden frames. Hang the compilation of tiny antler plaques on the walls. The wall at the back of featured table with a birch-bark need to be showcased and mounted mirror for the reflection of light and to provide the best look to the space to make it more bigger at a time.